"Istok" power socket. Overview

"Istok" is a Schuko system power socket with an unexampled simple and elegant appearance.
"Istok" is closed.
"Istok" is opened.

“Istok" is equipped with automatic shutter, which opens when you plug into the socket. Being closed, the shutter covers the socket cavity, forming an elegant uniform front surface.

Prepare to insert a plug.
Match the plug blades and the socket slot.
Keep inserting.

It is easier to plug into “Istok” than to plug into an ordinary Schuko socket, because in the former you always see an insertion slot.

"Istok" cavity.

"Istok" is built according to CEE 7/4 standard, so it is as safe as ordinary Schuko sockets. The socket is installed into an ordinary socket box.

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