"Istok" power socket. Prototype

In this video I am inserting different plugs into the socket prototype:
The prototype looks slightly different from “Istok” description images: it has a flat front face and its caps don't cover socket's base. The first thing was done because of my printer limitations and the second one was just an ugly decision, reformed on renders.


The prototype was made by a RepRap-style home 3D printer.

This printer has a single printhead and so overhanging elements are highly discouraged. Despite the printer can create support structures, they leave supported surfaces damaged after removing. To overcome this limitation, I divided socket's parts into subparts containing no overhanging elements and then glued them together into initial parts.

A footprint of each printed part has a kind of “skirt” - an additional material extruded around the perimeter of the footprint that increases its area and hence an adhesion between the printer's print bed and the part.

Обработка деталей после печати
It requires almost as much time to remove the “skirt” and gluing parts together, as the print process requires.
Склеивание деталей
Large-scale parts of the prototype were printed in 2—3 hour, while small ones were ready in minutes, which made possible to experiment with their shape very fast.
Печать в деталях
Even considering a lot of manual post-processing, in case of relatively small and simple parts the printer offers faster prototyping than outsourced parts printing.
An orange PLA plastic that was used for the socket prototype conceals its shape. Therefore to get some idea of the socket appearance I had to paint it. The socked required spackling before painting.

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