"Minuta" clock. Description

"Minuta" is an alarm clock equipped with an original electromechanical display.
"Minuta" at 08:59.
"Minuta" at 16:00.
"Minuta" at 24:37.

Every number in the display of "Minuta" is formed by two coaxial cylinders. Each of the cylinders has a special pattern printed on it. Under a certain relative position of the cylinders the patterns make up the number. Such a construction of the display allows to make the numbers big while keeping the clock body relatively small.

The display body is made of black matte plastic and covered with a transparent cylindrical screen. The screen is transparent above the numbers and the remaining part of the screen is shaded by circular pattern. On each side of the clock body there are control knobs, also under the screen.

"Minuta" dimensions are 180×66×66 mm.

"Minuta" three-quater view from the rear.
"Minuta" three-quater view from the front.


Below you can see the display model*. By dragging icons and numbers up and down you can set up time and alarm.

On the back side of the clock body there are slots: one can rotate number cylinders with finger through them. In "set time" clock mode you can increase the number by pushing the cylinder up and decrease it by pushing it down.

Also there are tumblers of the control knobs on the back side. You can change clock mode moving them. The mode is displayed on the clock display:

Set time
First alarm is on/Set first alarm time
Normal mode
Alarm is on
Set alarm
Second alarm is on/Set second alarm time

On the top side of "Minuta" there is micro-light and alarm off button.


The model is accelerated 60 times for demonstration purposes.

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