"Minuta" clock. Creation.

The goal was to make a clock with original but manufacturable display. A cylinder with numbers printed on its external surface is a simplest solution of the mechanical display that indicates decimal numbers. To increase size of numbers relative to the cylinder I decided to separate cylinders and digits into several parts:

Geometry of the display has dictated to me to make the clock body cylindrical. Such a shape can arose associations with well known "Cifra 3" clock by Gino Valle:

However hard I tried to find right shape of the body, I got almost the same cylinder with useless and illogical details every time. It took time to understand that it is better to skip all those details and make the shape as simple as possible.

Sketching the clock's control knobs I noticed that they are an excess part. Whatever shape I gave them, I understood that it's better to skip them at all:

I didn't want to cover the display with glass to prevent glare and to preserve its an analog, tangible character. Finally I understood that nobody will appreciate this moment but usability will be lost. As a result I got a black cylinder covered with glass:

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